Americans are showing up sick to work even as Omicron spreads

But millions of frontline workers aren’t able to do that without missing a paycheck. So many Americans, working in precarious, low-paying jobs in the service industry, cannot stay home, even if they catch the virus or are exposed to someone who has been infected. Some workers are struggling to get or pay for tests to … Read more

Leak reveals Microsoft’s canceled Windows OS for dual-screen devices

Microsoft worked on a secret “pocketable” Surface device powered by a custom Windows operating system before turning to Android for its Surface Duo. Codenamed Andromeda, the device has appeared in leaked emails, patents, reports, and in several references to it in Microsoft’s Windows operating system. utilities, Windows Central got an early test version of Andromeda … Read more

Jewish advocate blasts media coverage of Texas synagogue attack: ‘Evil’

January 21 media headlines In today’s media, Biden hits out at Fox News reporter for pressing him on growing Russia-Ukraine conflict, Pete Buttigieg pushes back on Joy Reid’s claim that the project infrastructure law was a “white employment law” and an audience NPR editor admits that the SOCTUS masking story “is worth clearing up.” Mainstream … Read more

Kathy Griffin says CNN’s Jeff Zucker slashed her pay after asking for a raise as co-host of NYE special

The top media headlines on January 21 In today’s media news, Biden criticizes a Fox News reporter for pressuring him over the growing Russia-Ukraine conflict, Pete Buttigieg rejects Joey Reed’s claim that the infrastructure bill was a “White Man Employment Act”, and a PR general editor acknowledges that the story of the SOCTUS hideout “is … Read more

Natural immunity was more potent than vaccines during US Delta wave — study

During the latest wave of coronavirus in the United States fueled by the Delta variant, people who were unvaccinated but had previously recovered from COVID-19 were better protected than those who were vaccinated and previously uninfected, according to a new study on Wednesday. . The finding is the latest to influence a debate about the … Read more

Premarket stocks: The pandemic boom is over. Just ask Peloton and Netflix

Now the pandemic boom is over. Netflix and Peloton lost around a fifth of their market value on Thursday after the two companies disappointed investors. Netflix said in an earnings report that it added fewer subscribers than expected in the fourth quarter. More worryingly, the streaming giant predicted that it would only add 2.5 million … Read more

Democrats slim down ambitions after back-to-back failures

Nonetheless, the party’s more modest approach was on display Thursday afternoon as the Senate returned home for a break after the senses. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) joined Republicans in blocking a rules change that could have allowed election legislation to pass by a simple majority. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has organized votes … Read more

What next for Iran and Russia ties after Raisi-Putin meeting? | Vladimir Putin News

Tehran, Iran – Before leaving for Moscow this week, Ebrahim Raisi expressed hope that the visit, the first by an Iranian president in nearly five years, would lead to a “turning point” in his country’s relations with Russia. In the Russian capital, Raisi and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin supported the improvement of bilateral ties … Read more