Samsung’s Next Galaxy S Phone Will Have Note-Like Features

The Galaxy S21 Ultra supported the S Pen, but there was no Note-like slot.Photo: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo We are still waiting for full details of Samsung’s next Unpacked event, which will take place next month. But there’s good news for anyone who missed the company’s Galaxy Note: Samsung just teased its return, although it … Read more

Google Glass Might Be Getting a Reboot

Don’t get too excited. This is Google Glass for the enterprise, and the headset rumored here will supposedly fit like ski goggles. Image: google With every tech giant, from Apple to Microsoft to Amazon, rumored to be developing augmented reality glasses or mixed reality headsets, we wondered if Google was planning a return to consumer … Read more

Casio CT-S1000V Keyboard Can Sing Any Lyrics

Just because you can play an instrument doesn’t mean you have a great singing voice. For vocally-challenged musicians, Casio’s latest digital keyboard features a built-in vocal synthesizer. In short, a musician can play a voice in the same way they would play notes. The Casio CT-S1000V is certainly not the first digital keyboard to allow … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Leaks: Notch, Specs, and More

The successor to the Galaxy Tab S7 FE (featured here) could be coming with a notch. photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo Android tablets are a dime a dozen, but finding one that’s a real iPad rival is like scouring for a diamond in the rough. That’s why Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which was unexpectedly … Read more

Google Assistant White Noise Change Has Users Angry

Google’s relaxing white noise isn’t for everyone. Image: google Google has reportedly changed the white noise audio track of the Google Assistant and people who rely on it to fall asleep are extremely unhappy with it. users in the Google Nest Community Forums complain that Google has quietly swapped out its Assistant’s old white noise … Read more

The Coolest Framework Laptop Mods

Photo: Florence Ion/Gizmodo Modular gadgets sound handy on paper, but rarely break through to the mainstream audience. We’ve seen countless attempts come and go, leaving only a fleeting whiff of excitement from enthusiasts burned over and over when the promise of a customizable device never materializes. A new one is added every few years: Project … Read more

Why Is Pandemic Digital Game Not Available On Steam Anymore?

Image: Asmodee / Z-Man Games / Kotaku The digital board game version of Pandemic has disappeared from Steam after it was quietly taken off the list on January 6. And it will be removed from other digital windows throughout the year and the publisher, Asmodee, has not explained why, other than a vague statement that … Read more

Here’s Tomb Raider Running On A GBA

poison: Timur Gagiev / Kotaku Here’s a port I never expected to see, but it’s real now and available for download today: Tomb Raider up for the Game Boy Advance handheld console. It’s true. And this wild port is only possible thanks to the flexible open-source “OpenLara” project. Tomb Raider running on a Game Boy … Read more

Konami NFT Auction Racks Up Over $160k In Sales In One Day

Image: Konami / Kotaku Konami has entered the NFT economy, currently known as the hottest grift in the world. Yesterday, at an auction on OpenSea, the publisher launched its “Konami Memorial NFT Collection” and sold 14 items created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania series. Somehow someone decided to spend over $26,000 on … Read more

Crytek Forces PC Modder To Remove Crysis Photo Mode Mods

A popular PC mod who created unofficial photo modes for several PC games has been hit with a shutdown letter crysis developer crytek. Now, after threats of legal action from the German studio, the modder chose to remove the mods he made for Crytek games from his Patreon page. Read more: Crytek closes five studios … Read more