Antibiotic-resistant infections are killing millions, scientists say in Lancet study

MRSA bacteria DTKUTOO | fake images Drug-resistant bacteria killed nearly 1.3 million people in 2019, scientists estimated, more than HIV or malaria. The researchers also estimated that antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections played some role in 4.95 million deaths in the same year. The findings of the study, which was funded by the UK government and the … Read more

Covid news live: WHO recommends lifting international travel bans, says proof of vaccination not necessarily needed | World news

9.34pm is being 21:34 Billionaire opens new vaccine factory in South Africa South African American businessman Patrick Soon-Shiong New vaccine factory opened in Cape town On Wednesday, he aims to help his local company NantSA make Covid-19 shots and tackle a deadly shortage of manufacturing capacity on the continent, Reuters reports. South African President Cyril … Read more

Two people in China die from bird flu with three others in hospital

China has reported two bird flu deaths after confirming five new cases of H5N6, and the World Health Organization has called for “urgent” action. Experts have been concerned about the rising number of human-to-human cases of bird flu in China and have warned that the strain could be more infectious to humans. Five people, four … Read more

WHO recommends two new drugs to combat COVID-19 infection

World Health Organization (WHO) Recommended Two new drugs to fight COVID-19 infection. The first new drug recommended for critical cases of COVID-19 is baricitinib, an oral medication that suppresses the immune system when overstimulated. The World Health Organization recommends that baricitinib be given with corticosteroids. The second medication to be used for mild cases where … Read more